Dreaming of Winter Wedding Wonderlands

As we know, most people are still putting a hold on large events for the foreseeable future with COVID-19 still being what it is, but the snow coming down and the cold chill in the air has us dreaming of happier times and reminiscing about beautiful winter weddings!

I've always been partial to winter weddings (my parents anniversary is New Years Eve - so #Romantic) and I've never seen a winter wedding that wasn't absolutely stunning! There are some huge practical advantages to planning a wedding in what is often considered the "off season" for events: costs can be lower, venues and other vendors tend to have more flexibility, and your guests are less likely to have summer plan conflicts. However, there are some unique challenges that you may come across as well.

So for those of you planning for next year (or just dreaming of your future) – here are our top 5 tricks and tips for planning the most amazing #WinterWedding.

1. The Weather – This one should be obvious in #Canada, but sometimes we forget how #cold it can really get here in the winter months. Smart accessories are definitely key for the season, so opt for warm (and waterproofed!) shoes, thermal layers if you can swing them, and fashionable yet cozy shrugs for the bridal party! You should also be prepared to help your guests brave the cold with some spare blankets and a hot drink on arrival! As an aesthetic bonus – find a place for the coat check so you don’t have to worry about everyone's winter bulk around the room in all your photos.

2. Daylight Hours – I don't know about you, but every year I somehow always forget how short the days really are in the winter. Keep this in mind when creating your timeline for the day! If you want photos in the daylight, you’ll have to plan for a much earlier ceremony to allow for photos before the reception. If you aren’t a morning person, opt for a first-look before the ceremony so you can make the most of the daylight and still get your #BeautySleep the night before. Also, keep in mind that your reception will likely take place after nightfall, so see if you can arrange to check out your venue after dark sometime, and pay close attention to what kind of #MoodLighting options are available.

3. Venue Convenience – Because there are several unpredictable variables for your guests to attend a winter event (Bad roads? Freezing temperatures? Blizzard?) try to find a venue that limits their inconvenience. If you can, choose a venue that can act as both a ceremony and reception site, has plenty of parking for your guests, and has convenient accommodation options around as well. This will save some guest headaches, and they will thank you for being so #considerate.

4. Décor – There are so many unique things you can do with décor for a winter wedding that would seem out of place other times of year. Think carefully about your venue and what would look appropriate in the space, but embrace the opportunities for décor that the winter season offers – romantic candlelight is a major seller that warms any space and can compliment a #rustic winter look, or opt for a #WinterWonderland with silver accents and twinkle lights for more sleek and modern look. As another bonus, if you are planning on getting married around the #holidays, see if your venue has any usual décor they bring out, and ask how you can incorporate it into your theme.

5. Photography – Some of this was already partially covered in our points above, but you do need to think a little bit more about your photography options for winter weddings. Snowy photos are #stunning, but (as mentioned) the days can be cold and dark, so plan for some nice indoor locations as well as the outdoor ones! We always recommend consulting with your venue to see what the options are in and around the area, and also working with your photographer to figure out the perfect plan for your day.

Now for some of you who have been planning for a while already, this may all seem like common sense, but hopefully one or two of you out there read something new to think about! Remember that the Always Occasions team loves a good winter wedding, so reach out if you need help with anything, and good luck to all our winter brides (and grooms) out there!

Happy #SnowySeason everyone!


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