New website, new challenge?

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Hi everyone, it's Sam here, one half of the Always Occasions Inc. ownership team!

With the re-launching of our website (updated for your convenience and our sanity), we decided to try our hand at something new - #blogging! (Because as wedding planners with other full time jobs in the middle of wedding season we clearly don't keep ourselves busy enough as it is, right?)

Keep checking back to learn fun facts, read behind-the-scenes stories from our most memorable moments with this crazy business, hear some of our tips/tricks/recommendations for your own #eventplanning, and get to know the women behind the Always Occasions team.

(Example: Fun Fact #1: the "groom" in the photo for this post with the ridiculous eyelashes is actually one of our team members Adam! He graciously agreed to take some promotional photos with a complete stranger, and we spent a few freezing cold hours outside laughing, taking pictures, and marvelling at the effortless #chemistry between our models.)

If nothing else, these posts will give Anna and I another place to look back onto all our adventures with #weddingplanning and all the drama, chaos, lessons learned, etc. So whether you're someone visiting our site and you stumbled on this blog, or it's the year 2029 and it's just Sam coming back to read through the first post again to reminisce on simpler times, I hope this isn't the first and last post on the thread and there are dozens more fun facts to be learned. Keep checking back!

Sam Burns