Weddings in the time of Covid-19

Well, it’s been 10 months since my last post (which to those of you who read it, shouldn’t come as much of a surprise - #busy) and it is a whole new world out there these days.

To all the lovely couples who had planned for a #2020wedding, let me take a moment to give you all our sympathies – this has not been an easy time for you! With all the new restrictions in place during the pandemic, this season has been an absolute nightmare so far. Whether you already decided to postpone until a later date, adjust to an intimate elopement instead of the big wedding you were planning for, or are still holding out hope that your day can go off as planned, our thoughts are with you.

Our advice during this time: follow your heart!

Take the time to think about what your priorities are for this special day. If what you care about most is getting hitched as soon as possible and having pictures of you looking great in your dress, then maybe you can consider an intimate service. Intimate ceremonies can still be stunning, so don’t feel like you have to sacrifice style just because you have a smaller gathering. #Intamacy is trending this season.

If your biggest priority is having dozens of your friends and family in attendance, then it is probably a good idea to look at next year to make sure that you can accommodate that. Remember that next season is booking up quickly with all the couples postponing their events, so if you are leaning towards this option as well but haven’t figured out your plan yet, we recommend getting started! It's never too soon to start #planning ahead.

If you need help, suggestions, or just an ear to vent to, reach out to us at Always Occasions Inc. and we will be happy to listen and guide you during your next steps. This has been a stressful time on all of us and sometimes you just need someone to lean on. Let our team be that business for you.

Until next time (which I promise won’t be another 10 months),


#alwaysoccasions #followyourheart