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About Us

Passion and a love for every event. Always.

Always Occasions expansion from event coordination started when Anna fell in love with Manchester Square and really... can you blame her? After 12 years as a photographer in the event industry and 6 years of a partnership as coordinators it was the dream Anna couldn't let go of.  A love that all started with the below photoshoot outside the stunning square and grew into the venue we are honoured to now call home. 


Our Story

As we mentioned, it was 12 years in the event industry as a photographer that, our owner, Anna dreamed of being more in the wedding and events world. So in 2017, Always Occasions was officially established. Taking on hair and makeup departments, bartending, décor rentals, and full wedding and event coordination. Every event adding more magic to their lives and fueling a passion for the industry that could not be stopped! Fast forward 5 incredible years and we stumbled across the stunning Manchester Square, a photoshoot, lots of meeting and a few months of renovations and our event space became a reality. With all the history, love and knowledge gained throughout the years... now perfectly settled into one beautiful building.

Meet The Team



Lead Coordinator

Courtney Turvey 

Assistant Coordinators & Bartenders

Kari Michaud & Mihaela David

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